Leading Experiential Learning

The essentials of classroom implementation and beyond

This free webinar is focused on why students today benefit from experiential learning, covering how to put curriculum into context for students through travel and incorporating it into the educational process. Hear from influential educators who have applied interactive academics to increase student success.


 Five sessions from influential educators providing unique perspectives 

Session date and time: June 26th 2:00 PM ET

Speaker: Taso Lagos - Educator and Lecturer - University of Washington

Topic: Moving beyond Powerpoint—bringing students back into the learning process

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Session date and time: July 9th 5:00 PM ET

Speaker: Catherine Long - Former World Languages Chair - Salem Public Schools

Topic: Broadening Horizons through international travel


Session date and time: July 11th 6:00 PM ET

Speaker: Keith Rountree - Technical Recruiter - Facebook

Topic: How the job market is changing due to changes in technology and how experiential learning is setting the pace for future leaders


Session date and time: July 17th 5:00 PM ET

Speaker: Fred Pursell - Business Professor - University of Washington

Topic: How experiential learning helps prepare students for today's job market


Session date and time: July 24th 6:00 PM ET

Speaker: Gitte Cannon - International Director - Tradium Business College - Denmark

Topic: How experiential learning has transformed the Danish education system

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Fred Pursell

Business Professor - University of Washington


Phil Shekleton

Educator and Lecturer - University of Washington